Ferme et Forêt


 ArtiCulture presents


Métis Algonquin singer and stoyteller Luce Bélanger and
Gérald Le Gal of Coureurs des bois TV series.
will lead us in a celebration of the Maple Tree through the history of our region. With music and storytelling, we will tell the story of the Maple Tree from the indigenous peoples’ stories of the tree to the coming of the European people, up to the modern day. We will bring an understanding of the tree’s uses, its sweet springtime sap, the hard wood with its many uses, its edible seeds, and the brilliant colours it brings us as the winter approaches.

Sitting by the forest edge around a fire on straw bales at Ferme et Forêt, we will sing, hear music and stories of the First Nations people, witness the methods and tools used to collect the sap, look at the introduction of the settlers’ tools, and start the process of boiling down.

We will then visit the sugar shack to learn about the modern methods and see the current process of syrup making. From there we will make our way down to the kiosk and be able to buy syrup and maple treats.

 Saturday,  24 and 25 of March at 1pm, and a show in FRENCH the 25th of March at 3pm. Ferme et Forêt, 225 Chemin Shouldice, Wakefield

TICKETS: http://celebratethemaple.brownpapertickets.com General: $20, Family: $60, Child and youth: $10 WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO BUY AHEAD: SPACES ARE LIMITED!!!

P.S. Dress appropriately. It could be cool, cold, wet, and even warm – think snow, rain, sun and mud!



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