– saved some wild ginger from a place we were building a road
– ordered building supplies
– had a backhoe level the area where the sugar shack will be built
– spread pit run at the sugar shack building site
– had another dump truck load of pit run dropped off
– had two loads (10 cords) of firewood dropped off
– a guy came and picked up all the milkweed pods we’d harvested
– a friend dropped by to look at our electrical set-up
– ordered a porta-pottie for the Fall Festival
– received a UPS delivery
– received a Mountain Path delivery
– set up a tent for the Fall Festival
– brought logs to site of Fall Festival
– had two stories about us in local papers
– formatted and translated program for Fall Festival
– made lunch for 7
– collected and washed eggs, and fed and watered chickens
– childcare for our 2 year old
– Genevieve’s mother visited
– our neighbours ran their homeschooling group
Busy times!