Ferme et Forêt

Our new maple syrup evaporator has arrived!

We were trying to get a gang of people together to move it from the road to the sugar shack – a few hundred feet across a field – but Alex MacKay-Smith from Juniper Farm volunteered himself and his tractor to move it. Thanks, Alex, because that thing was heavy! When six of us tried moving it by hand, we could only get it about a foot before having to put it down. And the pallet of fire bricks was way heavier!

We received not just the evaporator “arch”, as it’s called, that you see in the pictures below, but sap storage tanks, a huge chimney, flue and syrup pans, a bottler, a filterer, and a whole pallet of various accessories. Everything we need to make syrup from 3000 taps next spring.

Now we have a whole lot of work ahead of us to finish the sugar shack and set up all the equipment and tubing.

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