Ferme et Forêt

Pasture available for lease for managed intensive rotational grazing

We have about 40 acres of pasture available to lease to someone interested in running a grass-fed beef, lamb, or other pasture-based business. More acreage might be possible as well. We are interested in talking to individuals who want to manage their herd using managed intensive rotational grazing (aka mob grazing, or holistically managed planned grazing). In other words, moving the animals to fresh pasture roughly daily.

Some fencing is already in place. The pasture is divided into roughly two 20 acre pieces, about 2500 feet apart. Water is readily accessible in 20 of the acres, but would require some effort to bring to the other 20 acres.

We are looking for someone who would run this as their own business, responsible for all equipment and livestock costs, and reaping all the revenue. If permanent infrastructure (such as fencing) were put in, we could buy that back from you at the end of the lease.

We have a farm stand and a customer base; you would be welcome to market your products through our established channels. We are 40 minutes from Ottawa.

We are looking for a multi-year agreement. Terms are negotiable.

If interested, please contact Sean Butler at lefarmteam@fermeetforet.ca or 819-459-3861.