Ferme et Forêt

Photos from our Fall Fest

The fickle weather gods and goddesses of fall smiled on us this past Sunday, and hundreds of friends new and old came out for a our 1st annual Fall Fest. Thanks to everyone who came, and especially to everyone who helped out (some of whom came as guests but were quickly pressed into service in the kitchen). We had a great time!

Thanks to Greg Burke and Julia Faulkner for taking these excellent shots!

Ferme-et-Foret-Festival-36 Ferme-et-Foret-Festival-37 Ferme-et-Foret-Festival-2 Ferme-et-Foret-Festival-5 Ferme-et-Foret-Festival-7 Ferme-et-Foret-Festival-8 Ferme-et-Foret-Festival-10 Ferme-et-Foret-Festival-11 Ferme-et-Foret-Festival-12 Ferme-et-Foret-Festival-15 Ferme-et-Foret-Festival-16 Ferme-et-Foret-Festival-18 Ferme-et-Foret-Festival-20 Ferme-et-Foret-Festival-21 Ferme-et-Foret-Festival-22 Ferme-et-Foret-Festival-24 Ferme-et-Foret-Festival-29 Ferme-et-Foret-Festival-30 Ferme-et-Foret-Festival-32 Ferme-et-Foret-Festival-33 Ferme-et-Foret-Festival-34 Ferme-et-Foret-Festival-35

IMG_20141005_151305_1 IMG_20141005_151322_1_1