Ferme et Forêt

Apple Cider

We harvest wild-growing apples from the local region and press them on our farm. The best tasting cider is from blends of different tasting apples, and with wild-growing apples you certainly get a wide variety! Every tree produces unique tastes, ranging from sweet, to sour, to bitter. And when you mix it all together, you get a one-of-a-kind representation of our terroir. This is truly a homegrown, homemade Gatineau Hills cider!

Custom Pressing

Have some apples you’d like pressed into cider? We can do that! If you supply your own apples and containers, it will cost you just $1/L to have us press your apples; if we supply the bottles, it’s $1.75/L (they are plastic and can be put in the freezer). Expect to get about 10 L of cider per bushel (40 lbs) of apples. Please get in touch if you’re interested.