Ferme et Forêt


Take a ramble in our bramble patch – we’ve got summer and fall bearing red raspberries, black raspberries, and blackberries sprawling in all their thorny glory. Turn your head and you’ll even seen some red currants, bush cherries, and elderberries. We like to grow berries here – they hit above their weight when it comes to nutrition. And they go great with our granola or syrup!

Elderberry Syrup

We turn all our elderberries into syrup. Elderberries must be cooked to be edible, so we juice our berries and then boil them down with a healthy dose of our maple syrup. These two great ingredients from our farm combine to make one of the best cold and flu remedies around. Studies have shown that regular doses of elderberry syrup taken at the onset of symptoms can reduce both the severity and duration of these viral infections.

We add a small amount of organic lemon juice to help our elderberry syrup stay shelf stable. But we recommend you still refrigerate it after opening. This is a highly concentrated syrup, so one tablespoon per dose is all you need. We usually just take one dose a day, but you can take up to four. It’s good straight from a spoon, or mixed with hot water. Or try it with carbonated water for a delicious soda!

$30 for 250ml