Ferme et Forêt


IMG_2564_1Pastured and organically fed

What does that mean? It means our hens don’t live their lives in cages, or “free run” in a large barn with thousands of other chickens. They are not even “free range”, which just means they have access to the outdoors – which may just be concrete or bare ground.

“Pastured” means that, from spring until fall, they are outside on fresh grass, eating live plants, worms, seeds and insects. The added nutrients of these live foods not only make their eggs far tastier, but also way healthier (see below). Every couple of weeks or so, they are rotated to fresh pasture, so that the old pasture will have time to recover and their manure won’t build up.

“Fed organically” means that we only feed them certified organic feed (which is a blend of grains and minerals).

Our eggs are $8/dozen.