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Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is really a wild food too, but deserves special mention – Canada’s natural and local sweetener.

The process begins each spring with the maple sap dripping from 2600 taps, down plastic lines (we have 22 km in total strung up in our bush!) and into stainless steel tanks at our sugar shack. Our sugarbush is located on a hill, so all the sap flows downhill by gravity through special 3/16″ tubing that creates a natural vacuum at the tap holes, resulting in increased sap flows. A couple of small diaphragm pumps add to the vacuum in these lines. The sap then passes through a reverse osmosis unit that filters out 3/4 of the water before boiling, which saves a lot of firewood. The resulting “concentrate” is then boiled over wood for several hours in our 4 by 14 foot evaporator. We aim to make our syrup a little thicker than usual, around 67% sugar. To read more about our production practices, see Our Practices page.

Maple syrup is full of vital minerals and antioxidants that sugar maple trees have pulled from deep in the soil and put into their sap, which we then concentrate in the finished maple syrup. To read about the health benefits of maple syrup, see this pamphlet from the International Maple Syrup Institute: Health Benefits of Maple Syrup. Maple syrup is also low on the glycemic index.

“I bought some syrup at your farm stand: wow! I grew up making maple syrup, so tend to be a bit of a snob about these things… and I’ve never bought any that tastes this good. It must the open air, wood-fired love that goes into it. Nice work!”  Beth G.

250 ml – $9

500 ml – $13

1 litre – $21

Syrup Share Program

If you’re anything like us, you go through a lot of syrup in a year. Or maybe you’d like some for gifts. That’s what our Syrup Share Program is for. Here’s how it works:

    1. Prepay for at least 5 liters of maple syrup in the winter and get it for $19/L. You will have the first choice as to the grade of your maple syrup: light, amber, or dark.

    2. When your syrup is ready in May, pick it up at the farm or receive it at home (provided you live in our delivery area).

Our syrup shares are sold out for 2022!     

If you would like to received a notification when the syrup shares become available for the 2023 crop, please press ‘contact us’ and let us know. 

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