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Maple Sap

The sap of many trees is drunk as a spring tonic around the world, and with good reason: sugar maple sap is full of beneficial minerals, enzymes, vitamins, polyphenols, antioxidants, electrolytes, and prebiotics – 46 different compounds have been identified so far. It is particularly high in calcium, and in Korea, where it is drunk in huge quantities in the springtime, the maple is called “the tree that is good for the bones”. Studies have show potential for it helping with osteoporosis, blood pressure, the immune system, and more. It can even help with hangovers.

For a good site overviewing a number of scientific studies looking at maple sap, check out this page.

It has a refreshing taste like pure spring water with just a hint of sweetness. Some people call it the “coconut water of the north”, and in taste tests at Cornell University, people preferred the taste of maple sap to coconut water.

We bottle it straight from the tree and immediately freeze it to preserve its freshness. It will store well in the freezer for a year, or in the fridge for one week.

$4 / litre