Ferme et Forêt



Most shiitake mushrooms sold in stores are grown on sawdust, indoors, at controlled temperatures. We prefer to copy Mother Nature by growing them in the forest, on oak and maple logs. The result is a much larger, firmer mushroom.

The health benefits of shiitakes are many: they support your immune system and cardiovascular function, and are rich in nutrients such as iron and B vitamins. For more on their health benefits, check out this page.

For more about our production practices, please see this page.

“Your mushrooms are really, really good! We had them on top of stir-fry and you could really TASTE the essence of the local woods and fields in them. One of the most terroir things I’ve ever eaten (and this coming from someone who grows her own food).” – Charlotte Scott




Like the shiitakes, we grow our winecaps outdoors as well, only they grow in beds of wood chips and straw. Also know as stropharia or garden giants, these mushrooms are often grown under mulched perennial or annual crops, where their fungal hyphae form beneficial associations with neighbouring plant roots, particularly corn. Their growth cycle is much faster than the shiitakes, with them often erupting from the soil and being harvested in the same day. Taste-wise, they have a stronger mushroomy flavour than shiitakes, but a more tender texture.