Ferme et Forêt

Wild Foods

We harvest a wide array of wild foods from our farm and surrounding region. The season begins as spring greens emerge in the early warmth of May, and ends with juniper berries picked until the first snows of late November. We can do special orders for chefs or individuals who are looking for larger quantities or something specific not on the list below. Contact us for details.




Spruce tips


For a distinct forest flavour, add spruce tips to the menu. We harvest the young buds of the spruce tree’s new growth in the spring. Add them fresh to your sweet and savory baking, sauté or steam them as a vegetable, or dry them to infuse as a herbal tea. Available in May.




Our personal favourite green, nettle is one of the most nutritious greens out there, and its flavour is rich and vibrant. Nettle is interchangeable with cooked spinach, and is excellent in potato soup. Avoid overcooking to preserve the colour, flavour and nutritional value. Nettle has small hairs that, if touched, sting or irritate the skin. These disappear once cooked. Use kitchen gloves to handle raw nettle. Don’t be intimidated by the sting, you’ll see that they are well worth it! Available in May and June.


Dandelion greens


Dandelion greens are not only well known for their nutritional and cleansing properties, but are becoming better known as a culinary delight. They are the first leafy greens available, and are harvested in the spring when the leaves are less bitter. They can be eaten raw in salad, cooked in stir-fry, added to soups, or steamed on their own. Available from April to June.


Milkweed broccoli


The flower buds of this unique plant are harvested before the flowers bloom. They form a tight head which resembles that of a broccoli head, except the taste is more similar to a mix of green bean and asparagus. They can be made into a cream soup, added to stews, omelettes, pasta, or simply served as a side dish with butter or olive oil, lemon juice and salt. Available June and July.


Specialty Greens


Depending on the season, we will harvest specialty greens, each with their unique and unusual flavours and textures. Daisy greens, wild violet greens and gaillet are just a few examples. Most of these greens are eaten raw in salads, but some can be used as a cooked vegetable. Available from spring to fall, depending on the season.



Wild Plums


This delightful edible has become our favourite wild fruit. Its skin is slightly tart and the flesh is juicy and sweet. They can be eaten raw, or cooked with pork, duck or other wild game. Add them, once pitted, to smoothies for a truly refreshing wild experience. Available in August and September.




This native cherry makes an excellent jelly, syrup and coulis. These can be used on ice cream, to accompany cheeses, to garnish cakes and on toast. You can even make red wine from them! When eaten raw, they colour the teeth and leave an astringent feeling in the mouth, but cooking them releases their sweet and aromatic flavour. Available in July and August.


Juniper berries


Gin anyone? These berries are used to flavour gin, but if you’re not in the distillery business, you can still make use of these fragrant little wonders. They are ideal for flavouring meat or sauerkraut, and can be used in some baking. Available in September or October by order only.