Ferme et Forêt

Wakefield tailgate market begins

As the Wakefield Farmers’ Market fades to a fond memory of summer’s bounty, perhaps you sigh with resignation at the thought of six months of imported foods. But fear not! The region’s stalwart food producers are still here, and have some treats tucked away for the winter months to keep your taste buds happy.

And so the summer market’s shadowy cousin – the Wakefield tailgate market – is born. It’s the market you all know and love, stripped down to its bare essentials: farmers, some food, the back of a pick-up or trunk of a car, a parking lot, and you. It makes shopping for groceries feel like buying drugs on a street corner (in the best sense).

Expect to find vendors selling meat and veggies, as well as us with all our usual products (minus the shiitake mushrooms), and a few new ones (eggs, and maple pies and fudge).

It’s every second Saturday, from 9:30 – 10:30am, starting October 24, and running till the official market resumes next May. We’ll be the shady looking characters in the Alpengruss Restaurant parking lot.